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Desk-less Reception vs In Person Reception

Desk-less Reception vs in person reception, this conversation is starting to stir in the beauty industry. To help you understand why in person reception can be a liability to the salon and why Desk-less Reception can be you asset. We will look at Desk-less Reception vs in person reception and how it effects the bottom line of your salon business and how it effects the overall guest experience.

How much does in person reception cost vs Desk-less Reception? In the US, the median pay for an in person receptionist is $14 per hour or about $22,000 per year. This does not include any additional costs like taxes, training, and turn over. Desk-less Reception turns the liability of an employee salary into a invoice that is now a tax deduction for your salon business. Desk-less Reception also allows you turn your front desk into an income producing station allow you to increase your revenue.

The overall guest experience is very important within your salon business. There are tasks that must be done with in the salon and tasks that can be handled virtually. Making lists and determining if the task can be completed by a stylist such as greeting guest, getting drinks, and checking out clients vs tasks that can be done virtually such as answering the phone, client communication, social media, and review requests. This give the stylist opportunity to build better relationships with clients by walking them through the in person steps, while not being overwhelmed with phone calls and client communication.

To learn more about how Desk-Less Reception can be a positive change for your salon business set up an appointment with our team here!

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