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3 Essential Tips for Beauty Entrepreneurs Preparing for a Virtual Assistant

Hello fellow beauty pros!

It's Shawna here, from StyleSmart VA. As a hairstylist and educator who has navigated the beauty industry for years, I understand the unique challenges we face daily. Today, I want to share three essential tips to help you prepare for a game-changing addition to your business: a Virtual Assistant (VA). Trust me, whether your a salon owner, independent artist, barbershop owner, this is the support you’ve been waiting for!

1. Track Your Daily Tasks for a Month

Before you can delegate, you need to understand exactly what you do. For one month, keep a diary of your daily tasks. Write down everything, from client bookings to ordering supplies. This exercise is eye-opening – it helps you see where your time goes and identifies tasks that might be better handled by someone else. It’s all about "working smarter, not harder" -- as my grandpa Murphy always used to say!

2. Evaluate Your Tasks

Once you have a clear picture of your daily activities, it’s time to evaluate. Ask yourself: What are the tasks only I can do? Which ones can be someone else do? This is where a VA can truly shine. They can take over time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating beauty! The goal is to free up your creative energy and time for your clients, and other areas of your business.

3. Set Clear Goals and Communicate Your Vision

Your brand is your pride and joy, and nobody understands this better than I do. It’s crucial to communicate your vision and brand ethos to your VA. This doesn’t just help them understand how to operate within your brand; it also sets clear expectations. When your VA is aligned with your goals and brand identity, they become an extension of you, ensuring that every client interaction and every social media post reflects your unique style and needs.

Incorporating a VA into your business is a transformative step towards efficiency and growth.

I’ve seen firsthand the difference it can make, not just in managing a business, but in living the life you envisioned when you first started in this industry.

So, take these tips to heart, beauty pros. A VA might just be the missing piece in your puzzle to achieving a more balanced, productive, and creatively fulfilling career.

If you have any questions or need advice on getting started with a VA, feel free to reach out to or book a discovery call to chat 1 on 1.

I’m here to help!

Keep creating beauty,

Shawna Murphy

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